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To hatch a good idea (an egg) one needs a ‘chicken’. It’s the famous ‘the chicken or the egg’ dilemma. It’s the beginnings of where the name ‘Keep an Eye’ was created. The name also includes the objective of the Keep an Eye Foundation: to keep an eye on promising, young artists and musicians so that these talents are provided an opportunity to hatch their ‘golden’ eggs.

One of our flyers

The Keep an Eye Foundation beliefs that public life without arts and culture would be much poorer. The arts are integral to all our lives: concerts, exhibitions, design, and fashion shows. It’s these things that provide us with the pleasure and opportunity for self-expression and bring social benefits to our communities and to our nation.

This is why the Keep an Eye Foundation supports promising young artists and musicians by helping them to realise their dreams. By organising competitions, workshops and festivals and working together with a portfolio of art academies across The Netherlands, the foundation helps toward the development of individuals, the funding of ideas, new work and projects.

New in 2018

To promote enjoyment and appreciation of the performing arts, the Keep an Eye Foundation is working in collaboration with the Amsterdam Kleinkunst Festival. Since 2018 we have been supporting a series of master classes, through which young talents are provided with opportunities to learn both new creative and business skills. To improve artistic skills, these young talents are given the opportunity to work with professional stage performers. By offering insights in all aspects of a career on stage, we aim to strengthen the connection between the academy, and working in the professional field. Eventually, we hope to elevate the status of performance arts in The Netherlands.

Our goal

The Keep an Eye Foundation aims to stimulate the arts and cultural sector by providing platforms on which to explore new ideas and concepts that might shape the future of arts and culture.
The foundation has a remit of identifying, nurturing and establishing creative talent during the first steps of their career. This way young artists are more likely to be discovered by galleries and museums, (jazz)musicians can produce their music and make a name for themselves and designers can market their designs.

Further objectives
To put our aims and aspirations into practice we have formed the following goals:

  • To provide young talent the chance to develop themselves both professionally and creatively 
  • Offering a platform to enhance the visibility of young talent 
  • To communicate the work of young talent with public and cultural institutions both online (website, social media, online articles) and offline (press releases, news articles, flyers and brochures) 
  • To create support for the arts by making it accessible to a broad public 
  • Encouraging a future of a rich and talented cultural landscape 
  • Strengthening diversity of the arts by supporting various art domains 
  • Forming national and international relationships between students, art professionals and art academies


And Pouloeuff's flyer
And Pouloeuff's flyer

Projects of the Keep an Eye Foundation
The Keep an Eye Foundation does not provide grants to individuals, only to established organisations.
The foundation works in close collaboration with art schools in the Netherlands and abroad, in the area of (jazz)music, visual arts, film, photography, design and fashion. During these collaborations projects are closely supervised from the outset. 

A brief summary of Keep an Eye projects:

Gallery Pouloeuff > 

Promising young artists, photographers, (fashion)designers, filmmakers and sculptors present their work at Gallery Pouloeuff. Right in the heart of the fortified town of Naarden-Vesting they are provided with a white wall on which they showcase their work to the public, curators and the rest of the world. Over the last 5 years the foundation has seen emerging artists grow into successful names that are now exhibited at other (renowned) galleries, art institutions and art fairs.

• Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds - YOUNG METROPOLE 

The Keep an Eye Foundation is proud to be in partnership with the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds. As enthusiastic advocates of culture and art they launched their first joint project in 2016: Young Metropole - where jazz meets classical music. An orchestra just as swinging as the famous Metropole Orchestra and on its way to reaching the same iconic status. Together with Young Metropole, The Keep an Eye Foundation and The Cultuurfonds provide very talented young musicians with a stage on which to show their talents to the world, while ensuring people can enjoy great music at special venues throughout the country. On top of this, the Keep an Eye Outstanding Talent Award is given to the most talented individual out of all the already extremely talented individuals, and who additionally has unifying qualities in the orchestra.

Keep an Eye International Jazz Award 

The Keep an Eye International Jazz Award is a competition for jazz musicians of outstanding ability. Every year students from international conservatories compete for several prices; best band, best soloist and best arrangement. The jury consists of various renowned names in the jazz world. Over the past few years the Keep an Eye Foundation is proud to have assisted many musicians with grants, mentoring and/ or career assistance support.

• Keep an Eye Summer Jazz Workshops 

Bright and talented jazz musicians attend comprehensive and intensive workshops and master classes with teachers from the Amsterdam Conservatory, notwithstanding international renowned teachers such as Justin DiCioccio from the Manhattan School of Music in New York. The week traditionally concludes with a performance on one of the most famous jazz stages in the Netherlands. 

• Keep an Eye Grants 

Four of the best graduates from the Design Academy Eindhoven receive grants for their final exam project. With this award the Keep an Eye foundation wants to transform promising ideas into tangible projects: applying a patent, developing concepts, producing and marketing designs and prototypes. Winning graduates are presented at the Design Academy’s yearly Graduation Show, during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.


At The Keep an Eye Summer Jazz Workshops - Justin DiCioccio/Manhattan School of Music
At The Keep an Eye Summer Jazz Workshops - Justin DiCioccio/Manhattan School of Music

 • The Keep an Eye Filmacademy Festival 

Graduates of the Dutch Film Academy present their final exam project at the Keep an Eye Film Academy Festival. Besides the showcasing of films, there will also be exhibitions, premiere parties, lectures and a number of other events. The Keep an Eye Foundation is co-organiser and the most important partner of this annual festival at the prestigious Dutch institute of film (EYE).

 • Keep an Eye Film Academy Master classes 

To focus on the creative an in-depth meaning of films, the Keep an Eye Film Academy Master Classes were set up in 2013. During these master classes students learn, talk and exchange ideas with people with extensive experience in the film industry. 

• The Records 

The records is an award show consisting of 8 promising bands from different conservatories in the Netherlands battling to win 3 completely paid for cd-productions. Besides receiving a cd-production and promo clip, bands also receive professional coaching to market their music. The award show is staged on one of Holland’s most famous jazz venues. 

• The Royal Academy of Art Fashion Show powered by Keep an Eye

Since 2015 the Keep an Eye Foundation and the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague, organise the exam fashion show in close collaboration. Graduates exhibit their final creations during the fashion show in De Electriciteitsfabriek. In addition to the show, an exhibition is held to show installations and graduation projects.

More again ...

BACKSTAGE at The Royal Academy of Art Fashion Show powered by Keep an Eye

 • University of Applied Photography Grant 

The most promising graduate of the University of Applied Photography will receive a grant to help realise their project. This could be producing a photo book, organising an exhibition or establishing a follow-up project.

 • The Best of Pouloeuff in MIJ 

In 2015 the most successful Pouloeuff artists’ of 2014 were exhibited at Museum IJsselstein. Gallery Pouloeuff and Museum IJsselstein hope to establish a Pouloeuff exhibition once a year.

 • Keep an Eye Academy 

 You’re a passionate artist, musician, photographer, designer, filmmaker or creative entrepreneur in the making. Perhaps you're still studying or at the start of your creative career, which is very exciting! There is just one thing: maybe you don’t know what steps to take next. We all know how difficult it can be to start a successful career in the arts. As there is more than one way to take to the stage, publish your first photo book, or have your artworks exhibited in a gallery, we will show you the many options available to you. At the Keep an Academy you can choose from a number of workshops and talks regarding the launching of your own creative career. Curious? Keep an Eye out for our upcoming program!

• Keep an Eye Crossovers

As one plus one equals three we are proud to present Keep an Eye Crossovers: where talent meets talent. With Crossovers our aim is to bring various talents and art forms together so that they inspire each other and in turn lead to new forms of art.
Our first Crossover project was launched in 2016: Young Metropole - where jazz meets classical music. Since then more Crossovers have followed: classical & jazz performances at the Photo Festival Naarden including at the Museum IJsselstein, at the Grand Grant Event and at openings at Gallery Pouloeuff.
As we have illustrated how these Crossovers inspire artists to create new forms of art, we would now like to encourage you (artists, photographers, designers, filmmakers, or other creative students or artists who have just graduated) to send in an action plan to combine your work of art with music: jazz, classical or pop. Off course, as it’s all about crossovers - a combination of these music styles is also possible. 


The Keep an Eye Foundation is proud to be working with the country’s leading art academies: Conservatory of Amsterdam, University of Applied Photography, Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands Film Academy, Royal Academy of Art The Hague, Museum IJsselstein, Eindhoven University of Technology, the Rietveld Academy / Sandberg Institute and the One Minutes Foundation, not to mention leading international art academies such as Manhattan School of Music.