We've got mail! Uit North Texas dit keer...

Blije woorden uit de USA over de CD van de International Keep an Eye Jazz Award 2015! Het Conservatorium van Amsterdam stuurde ons dit mailbericht door. Dank daarvoor en dank aan John Murphy.

Begin doorgestuurd bericht: Van: "Murphy, John" Onderwerp: the CD is fantastic! Datum: 30 juni 2015

Hi, Please share my thanks with everyone in the jazz department for the fantastic CD from the competition that I received today. 

Since this is our first time to participate, I did not know what to expect from the recording. I really appreciate all of the work that went into producing the audio and the CD liner notes and photographs. This will be very special for the students to have. Thank you very much!

John Murphy      
chair, Division of Jazz Studies University of North Texas College of Music