Keep an Eye Grant: editie 2011

De uitreiking van de Keep an Eye Grant voor 2011 heeft plaatsgevonden tijdens de Graduation Show aan de Design Academy in Eindhoven
Maaike Fransen met de Keep an Eye Award
Maaike Fransen met de Keep an Eye Award


Juryrapport van de website van de Design Academy

Dennis van Melick
(Man and Mobility)

Three to One: Traffic Display. The judges were, without exception, impressed with Dennis van Melick’s professional and comprehensive approach, especially with regard to the contacts he has managed to establish and develop during his graduation project, with the industry and governments on both a national and an international level. His design shows that he is able to transform the current standards, demands and values of design into an innovative system. He is capable of supporting questions with regard to sustainability, safety, applicability, producibility, maintenance and possible derivatives of his system by supplying facts, which testifies to his awareness of the potential and scale of his design. The judges hope that Dennis will indeed get through to the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment to present his project, and that his traffic lights will be installed nationwide at one point in the future.

Maaike Fransen
(Man and Identity)

The Future Will be Functional. Information The wealth of colours, the materials used, the creation of a set of appealing images and the inspiring mix of existing objects to create a new object; these are the judges’ reasons for granting Maaike Fransen this award for “The Future Will be Functional”. In a theatrical and captivating presentation Maaike demonstrates how she (in spite of her shyness) is able to create an imaginative world of her own in this society, with self-assuredness, a good sense of humour, and self-knowledge.

Philip Lüschen
(Man and Well-Being)

Wait Here. With a poetic sensitivity Philip Lüschen tackles a very topical theme in a light-hearted fashion: waiting in spaces where people need to be. By awarding “Wait Here” with a grant the judges wish to demonstrate that design is not just about shaping tangible objects, but that it can also be used inside the user’s mind. Philip’s signature is visible in every detail and the judges believe that his way of working and of approaching a problem is an asset to the design profession. 

Rianne Koens
(Man and Activity)

Schillenpracht The hidden powers of “Schillenpracht” is how the judges refer to Rianne Koens’ concept. She has proven that she is able to design an overall concept in which she has placed the consumer centre stage. Her series of products fits in with a trend; it is decorative and applicable at the same time. Rianne uses rituals that the consumer is able to shape to his own tastes. More importantly, Rianne offers plenty of opportunity to extend her concept into related products.

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