Studio 150 Sessions #4

Studio 150 Sessions #4

donderdag 24 september 2020
Studio 150 Bethlemkerk - Amsterdam

In het kader van de Keep an Eye Concertjes bieden wij jong talent heel graag podia aan om in de praktijk speelervaring op te doen. Of dat nu fysieke podia zijn, concertjes (bij wijze van) midden in de natuur óf online podia. Bij deze gaan de online-concertjes bij Studio 150 - Betlehemkerk in Amsterdam van start.

Première online-concertjes

Anna Tsombanis & Paul Van de Calseijde Quartet

Donderdag 24 september - 19.00 uur
Locatie: Studio 150 - Betlehemkerk in Amsterdam 


  • Anna Tsombanis (tenorsax),
  • Paul Van de Calseijde (tenorsax),
  • Donatas Bielunskis (contrabas)
  • Denis Baeten (drums)

Spontaneous, confronting, but intimate jazz music. A.P.Q. combines the familiarity of a jazz quartet with the freedom of playing without a harmony instrument. Two tenor players exploring the paradox of beauty and sadness within seemingly simple tunes.
Anna Tsombanis (DE) and Paul Van de Calseijde (NL) met each other last year during a summer tour in England with the the three national youth orchestra's from the Netherlands (NJJO), Germany (BuJazzO) and England (NYJO). Playing in a bigband section together for a full week, Anna and Paul found such a nice musical connection in each others playing that they decided to team up for a little quartet tour in the Netherlands. 

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