The Records: inschrijving geopend  <small><em>Doe mee en win € 10.000,-!</em></small>

The Records: inschrijving geopend Doe mee en win € 10.000,-!

26-08-2019Voor de zesde keer kun je je inschrijven voor deelname aan 'The Records'. Een project dat Keep an Eye organiseert. Ben je niet zo lang geleden afgestudeerd aan een van de Nederlandse Conservatoria? Doe mee en maak kans op een van de drie volledig gefinancierde CD-producties van € 10.000,- elk. Check de voorwaarden!

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We would like to invite you to apply for The Records 2019, a project by the Keep an Eye Foundation.
Out of seven contestants, three winners will be selected by a professional jury and will receive a fully-financed album production and release concert worth €10.000,-!
Former winners were among others: EvenSanne, Molino, Koeniverse 3, Spoken+2, BvR Flamenco Big Band, Larchey Zore, Urban Voyage and the Alessandro Fongaro Quintet.


Graduating students or alumni graduated in 2015 or later.


December 7th, 2019 - all day.


The 7 finalists play at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam during the day. 
The winner will be announced in the evening, also at the Bimhuis, where the winners of the previous edition will present their new albums.

Apply before November 1st 

In order to apply for Keep an Eye The Records 2018, please make sure you meet the following conditions: 
* You are a jazz alumnus graduated from one of the Dutch conservatories between 2014 and 2018, or 
* You are a jazz student who studies at one of the Dutch conservatories and expect to graduate in the 2018-2019 academic year 
* Your project or you as a bandleader has not won a previous edition of Keep an Eye The Records 
* Should you be selected; your entire band (line-up as presented in this form) must be available on December 1st to play during the finale.