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What about Fine Art?

Keep an Eye & Gallery Pouloeuff

•  Gallery Pouloeuff 

Promising young artists, photographers, (fashion)designers and sculptors present their work at our Gallery Pouloeuff. Right in the heart of the fortified town of Naarden-Vesting, they are provided with a white wall on which they can showcase their work to the public, curators and the rest of the world. Furthermore, every month one of the artists in the exhibition has to . Over the years we have seen emerging artists grow into successful names that are now exhibited at other (renowned) galleries, art institutions and fairs. For more information about the gallery’s exhibitions, collaborations and other activities, visit the Pouloeuff site!


•  Pouloeuff Art Shop

The newest initiative of Pouloeuff! After each exhibition, each exhibitor leaves a smaller work (on consignment) in the gallery. Work with a nice price tag, so that you can buy art of upcoming talent for a good price. Because these artists are at the beginning of their careers, the value of their work can only increase. Then you were the first to be there and may soon have a famous work of art at home!

•  Pouloeuff Audience Award

Vote for the Pouloeuff Audience Award. The winning artist receives an incentive bonus of € 500,-. For those who give the best motivation for their choice, a dinner voucher of € 100,- is available. By competing for the Award, all exhibitors have the opportunity to bring their work to the (online) world through social media. They can ask enthusiasts to vote for him / her, and so the award also works as an introduction platform that brings the artists into contact with a new potential target group online.

•  Keep an Eye Spacemakers

What happens when Gallery Pouloeuff turns into a creative studio and exhibition space at the same time? In the summer of 2018, five young artists got the chance to develop their artistic skills and concepts by exchanging techniques and ideas under the guidance of a renowned artist (in the first case this was Tanja Smeets). Within the limited time of just one month and the limited space of the gallery, they had to think outside the box and create a uniform exhibition together with new work inspired by their direct surroundings. This special project under the name ‘Keep an Eye Spacemakers’ proved to be fruitful for the participating artists in many ways. Visitors of the gallery had a new and interesting experience as well, witnessing the process from up close. Do you want to have a look behind the scenes? Check out the video blogs on our YouTube Channel (in Dutch). 

•  Window of Opportunity

The Singer Museum in Laren, saw the opportunity to present a monumental art work in the window of their new theater foyer. Together with the Keep an Eye Foundation and their creative partners Gallery Pouloeuff and DOESZevenendZes, Singer was able to turn this opportunity into a reality. Twice a year, this project commissions a young and promising artist from the ‘Pouloeuff pond’ to create a work especially made for the window, which should be attractive for viewers from the outside as well as on the inside. Furthermore, it helps young artists to expose themselves and extend their network.