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• Introduction
• About jazz & classical music
• Fine Art
• Design & graphical design
• Film, animation & photography
• Fashion & textile
• Theater, circus & cabaret

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Keep an Eye crossovers

About working together

•  Keep an Eye Academy

You’re a passionate artist, musician, photographer, designer, filmmaker or creative entrepreneur in the making. Perhaps you're still studying or at the start of your creative career, which is very exciting! There is just one thing: maybe you don’t know what steps to take next. We all know how difficult it can be to start a successful career in the arts. As there is more than one way to take to the stage, publish your first photo book, or have your artworks exhibited in a gallery, together with leading academies, we will organize masterclasses throughout the country. Keep an Eye on our agenda for more information! 


•  'Maker zoekt Maker'

Keep an Eye is a very active foundation and likes to develop its own initiatives. Initiatives that have not (yet) been made and which therefore make a nice addition to the range of cultural courses and festivals.
Keep an Eye has had a passion for music from the start. We started with jazz and later expanded with classical music and even later with musical cabaret talent. This passion is also reflected in a few of our newest initiatives, such as Maker Zoekt Maker. Via this online platform we act as matchmakers and try to connect young professional artists from different art disciplines to create great new projects! Whether it’s a musician looking for a filmer for a music video or a photographer looking for a costume designer – everything is possible! Take a look at our website for more information:

Winner first round Maker zoekt Maker


•  'Nieuwe Makers'

The Keep an Eye Foundation likes to lead the way when it comes to supporting the most innovative creatives in their sector. Think of the Keep an Eye Production Prize at Festival Wonderfeel or the Young Designer Grant. In the coming period, we will look for more initiatives to help these special individuals on their way.

•  The Keep an Eye BLOK'S projects

We will give part of the budget a new purpose: Keep an Eye finds it important that young talent, even in these Corona times, is supported. By Keep an Eye itself or by others. And about those others: we are thinking of 'colleague foundations' in the cultural field. Without restrictions to the art disciplines they support.
A hole in the budget, but a positive one
Nobody could have foreseen this crisis. Neither could Keep an Eye, of course. We based the last budgets on a normal cultural season and made plenty of plans in consultation with our partners. Not so, no normal cultural seasons. As a result, the partners made less use of the funds we made available. Now we don't want to say that we had money left over as a result; we spent less than we had anticipated. So a positive gap in the budget.