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• About jazz & classical music
• Fine Art
• Design & graphical design
• Film, animation & photography
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• Theater, circus & cabaret

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Designing the future  

About design and graphic design

•  Keep an Eye Young Designer Grant

The Keep an Eye Foundation partnered with the Dutch Design Foundation to help you designers realize their ambitions. With this award the Keep an Eye Foundation wants to transform promising ideas into tangible projects: applying a patent, developing concepts, producing and marketing designs and prototypes. Winning alumni are presented during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

•  Dutch Design Foundation Masterclass

These (online) masterclasses, organised by the Dutch Design Foundation, will be centered around two pillars: Inspirator and Matchmaker.
The Keep an Eye Academy prepares attendees for (a.o.) Dutch Design Week. Experienced professional designers give masterclasses and a keynote speaker will motivate the participants and give them tools to be able to give the best presentation of their work.

•  Keep an Eye Graphic Design workshops

 The art of communicating through images; that is graphic design. In a time of overwhelming amounts of information, it is important to have good ‘translators’ who are able to present this information or important messages in a meaning matter to a broad audience. To stimulate starting designers and bring them together to exchange ideas, the Keep an Eye partnered with Graphic Matters. This festival takes place every two years in Breda, but in the meanwhile the team works on organizing various activities throughout the country. The Keep an Eye will enable annual workshops in which a selection of promising young designers can develop their visual language under the supervision of an expert in their field. The results will be presented during the festival or through other channels.