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About cabaret, circus and theater

•  Keep an Eye Masterclasses together with the Amsterdam Cabaret Festival 

As of 2018, Keep an Eye collaborates with the Amsterdam Kleinkunst Festival and supports a series of master classes for young talent. The collaboration of the Amsterdams Kleinkunst Festival with Keep an Eye is also an important impulse for the cabaret sector as a whole. During an intensive masterclass series, Keep an Eye and the Amsterdam Kleinkunst Festival stimulate the development of cabaret talent on both an artistic and business level. The Amsterdam Kleinkunst Festival is the connecting factor between art courses and professional practice. Every year the Amsterdam Kleinkunst Festival delivers six semi-finalists who compete during the competition for the AKF Sonneveld Prize and AKF Public Prize.

•  Keep an Eye seminar Artist in Business

A collaboration between the Amsterdams Kleinkunst Festival and the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in which the two renowned art institutes organise a day full of business related workshops for (starting) musicians and artists.
In the past a.o. Wende Snijders, Benjamin Herman, Fay Claassen and Annette van Dongen were invited to speak at the seminar about the business aspects of the profession. What would they have like to have heard when they were still studying? What did they have to discover and develop on a business level before they got to where they are now? In addition to the AKF seminar, there are also the Keep an Eye Masterclasses, which are given by seasoned professionals such as Wimie Wilhelm, Raoul Heertje, Herman van Veen and Theo Nijland.


•  'Keep an Eye Kleinkunst Concertjes'

Young musicians have a great need for playing experience. Not only the experience they gain during training, rehearsals or when performing for smaller groups of their peers, altough it all contributes to them reaching a broader audience. Keep an Eye helps them to reach that audience and at the same time work on their practical experience.
Since 2020 the Keep an Eye Foundation started series of concerts at the Studio 150 Bethlehemkerk. This former church in Amsterdam Noord was recently transformed into one of the most breathtaking and renowned studios in the Netherlands, and beyond. These concerts started just after COVID-19 stopped all live performances, and therefore the concerts will be broadcast as a livestream. As a part of the program there will also be a few cabaret concerts planned! Programmed by the Amsterdam Kleinkunst Festival! 

•  Keep an Eye Circus and Performance Awards

From 2019, Keep an Eye goes up in the air! Or at least, some of the future winners of the Keep an Eye Circus and Performance Awards. An expertly jury will select three (groups of) students of the Academy for Circus and Performance Art (part of Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts) for a special trajectory and residency with skilled supervision to develop their graduation projects into a professional production, which will premier during the renown festival Circolo in Tilburg and will hopefully go on tour. Together with the ACPA, the Keep an Eye hopes to give young circus talents a successful start of their career in the Netherlands.


•  Keep an Eye supporting theater

We are proud to announce our latest collaboration with De Toneelacademie Maastricht. Internationally it is known as a leader. It aims to be at the forefront of a rapidly changing world, in which audiovisual media and new platforms are becoming increasingly important. That is why the Maastricht Drama Academy is making room for a fully-fledged and innovative Film Acting curriculum, which will be rolled out across the entire breadth of the course.
The need to do this comes down to this: compared to theater, film actors must operate in an environment where there is little or no time for rehearsal. It is a reality that forces film actors to prepare much more independently, often in solitude. This differs profoundly from what actors are generally taught from acting schools.
The key question is: preparing independently for a role, how do you do that? We hope to be able to contribute to this great plan of our most southern cooperation partner from the course of 2021/2022 onwards!