Various film and photography projects

PHOTO ALBUM: 10 years Keep an Eye Foundation >>PHOTO ALBUM: 10 years Keep an Eye Foundation >>

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About film and photography

•  The Keep an Eye Film Academy Festival

Graduates of the Dutch Film Academy present their final exam project at the Keep an Eye Film Academy Festival. Besides the showcasing of films, there will also be exhibitions, premiere parties, lectures and a number of other events. The Keep an Eye Foundation is co-organizer and the most important partner of this annual festival at the prestigious Dutch institute of film (EYE).


•  The Keep an Eye Photography Stipendium

As of 2020, Keep an Eye will collaborate with the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU). Each year, three promising students receive a stipend of € 10.000,-. In collaboration with the ‘HKU’ we are looking for more interdisciplinary projects than we have done so far in past photography projects. Be surprised!