Various film, animation and photography projects

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About film, animation and photography

•  The Keep an Eye Film Academy Festival

Graduates of the Dutch Film Academy present their final exam project at the Keep an Eye Film Academy Festival. Besides the showcasing of films, there will also be exhibitions, premiere parties, lectures and a number of other events. The Keep an Eye Foundation is co-organizer and the most important partner of this annual festival at the prestigious Dutch institute of film (EYE).

•  Visual storytelling

Starting next school year, we will support two tracks for students at the St. Joost School of Art & Design. For third-year students following the minor Development for Storytelling, we will do this in the form of inspiring master classes by leading animators/character designers.
This minor is about developing a concept in Visual Storytelling. How do you develop an idea for a graphic novel, story book, TV series, film or VR experience, or even something that works on all these platforms? Whether it's an imaginative story of your own, an engaged argument, or an educational narrative, you'll learn how to tell the core of a story well and convincingly, how to visualize it, and thereby develop the idea into a professional pitch package. How do you make such a proposal, in which the combination of the story, artwork, a production plan and prototype shows that it is ready to be realized?
In addition, one talented newly graduated master's student will receive an incentive prize worth € 10,000 to further develop his/her graduation concept. The winner of this prize will be announced in October during the Playgrounds Digital Arts Festival.


•  The Keep an Eye Photography Stipendium

As of 2020, Keep an Eye will collaborate with the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU). Each year, three promising students receive a stipend of € 10.000,-. In collaboration with the ‘HKU’ we are looking for more interdisciplinary projects than we have done so far in past photography projects. Be surprised!